Nestlé /\ Arrêtez de saigner la foret

Posted on 20 mai 2010 par


Nestlé aurait entendu l’appel de Greenpeace…

Il semblerait effectivement que Nestlé ait changé son fusil d’épaule et soit devenu (enfin) « partenaire » de TFT, The Forest Trust après la campagne sanglante de Greenpeace have a bloody break Orang-outan.

Greenpeace credits its campaign to get KitKat fans to pressure the manufacturer, as does TFT, with Greenpeace noting that the decision will affect another multinational, Cargill.

“The new policy commits Nestlé to identify and exclude companies from its supply chain that own or manage ‘high risk plantations or farms linked to deforestation’. This would apply to notorious Sinar Mas, a palm oil and paper supplier that Greenpeace has repeatedly caught destroying the rainforest – if it fails to meet Nestlé’s new criteria – and also have implications for Cargill, one of Nestlé’s palm oil suppliers which purchases from Sinar Mas.”

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